learn kyudo
Recommended way to get started in Kyudo.
Find a group that is practicing in your area.  This is the best way to learn.  There aren’t that many groups in America right now but it is more than worth a drive to check it out.  A friend and dedicated Kyudo practitioner drives four hours one way for a two-hour class with my teacher.  If you drive four hours one way to attend a two hour class it will more than make up for the time you’ll lose trying to figure it out on your own.  It’s also very motivational and inspirational to visit a Kyudo practice or demonstration.  A practice group is likely to have equipment to use before you commit to Kyudo.
If you can’t make it to a Kyudo group and have decided to go at it alone, like I did many years ago, then hopefully this website will help.
Welcome I started  in archery at an early age.  Here I am 5 years old (Massachusetts).